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BBQ Essentials

The ultimate BBQ essentials box - perfect for your dad, husband, boyfriend, son, friend (all the great men in your life) to get them sorted on the BBQ.




1 x Moana Road Wonder Tool This high quality BBQ Wonder Tool is the ultimate device you need while cooking and will also impress your guests. How can it not with six features in one tool.

3 x Wild Fennel Co. Seasonings (Seasoning Details Down Below). 

3 x Al's Laboratory Hot Sauces - Green Pepper with Horopito, Hot Pepper Sauce Original & Black Garlic Sriracha. 

1 x BBQ Apron With Front Pocket - Slate


Wild Fennel Co Meat Seasoning Details:

Lamb seasoning 30g - Sumac - Cumin - Mustard
A dry, salty seasoning with citrus fruit notes. Use this seasoning to flavour your next lamb or mutton dish. Try on lamb chops, roasted leg or sauteed lamb’s liver. Or season potato wedges, grilled white fish or a simple tomato salad. Seasoning for 2-3 family sized meals.

Chicken Seasoning 30g - Mustard - Onion - Tarragon

A robust, aromatic seasoning with a sweet finish.
Use this seasoning to flavour your next chicken dish. Try on pan-seared chicken breast, barbecue drumsticks or a simple Sunday roast. Or season a crispy fried tofu stir-fry, a vegetable soup or battered fish bites. Seasoning for 2-3 family sized meals. 

Beef Seasoning 30g - Juniper Berry - Pink Peppercorn - Fennel
A coarse blend of spices. Use this seasoning to flavour your next beef dish. Try on grilled rump steak, burger patties or a beef pot pie. Or season roasted vegetables, a baked camembert or garlic flat bread. Seasoning for 2-3 family sized meals.