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Clean Your Melon

Box Includes;

Triumph & Disaster Shampoo  is a deep cleansing, gentle foaming, 100% naturally derived shampoo. The formula is enhanced with fresh peppermint notes while tazman pepper which actively treats the scalp. The keratin rich formula ensures volume and structure are kept in balance and gives damaged hair the chance to recover and rebuild. Size - 300ml

Triumph & Disaster Conditioner is a Cucumber & Mint fragranced conditioner that is 100% Natural, detangling conditioner. It delivers a lightweight nourishing formula that restores natural shine and hydrates hair without unnecessary chemicals and silicones. Proving nature knows best, it always has and always will. Size - 300ml

Triumph & Disaster Hair Product (Choose One)

  • Coltrane Clay / Medium Hold - Matte Look - Styling Clay
  • Ponsonby Pomade / Medium Hold - Non Greasy - Water Based
  • Fibre Royal / Strong Hold - No Volume - Thick Hair Types

Avalon Hand Towel made from pure cotton, it's perfect for those who prefer a lightweight towel whilst still offering high absorbency. Can be used in the bathroom or as a sweat towel when working out.


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