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The Slick Shaver

For the man who loves to keep his face stubble free! We have thought this one through and carefully constructed a box that will help keep that face nice and smooth! 

A definite upgrade from your supermarket products, the team at Triumph & Disaster are right up there with mens grooming products.



Triumph & Disaster Old Fashioned Shave Cream delivers a great shave without any of the nasties we now frown upon. Unique aromas of old school medicinal notes, bright, fresh citrus tones and a hint of Turkish barbershop at the back end, evoke a sense of tradition and nostalgia befitting a gentleman's morning ritual.

Triumph & Disaster Ritual Face Cleanser has been formulated to avoid drying and irritation by exploiting the natural benefits of Tamanu oil, Peppermint oil, Willow bark extract and Bentonite clay. A gentle, natural, peppermint scented formulation designed for everyday use . Ritual face cleanser gently dissolves grime while toning the skin, leaving you feeling fresh and looking bright.

Triumph & Disaster Shearer's Soap  Treat yourself, or treat someone else with this unique fragranced soap. Rich in herbal medicinal notes that complete the bathing experience, making this soap the special little bar that it is.Added Poppy Seeds for exfoliation. These feel great on the skin, massaging and embellishing the sense of a wash earned through a hard days work.

Nom Shaving Brush - Gustav Series Pure badger quality shave brush.

Avalon Hand Towel Made from pure cotton, it's perfect for those who prefer a lightweight towel whilst still offering high absorbency. Can be used in the bathroom or as a sweat towel when working out.

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