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The Carver Beard Balm | Tamer

So what separates a Beard Oil from a Beard Balm? 

Similar to a Pomade for your hair, Beard Balm is a much thicker waxy cream designed to give your hair more texture and styling hold. The Beard Balm tames the beard more so than any beard oil. 

Size: 30ml 

How to use: Place a pinky amount into your palms and warm it up, lightly run your hands from top to bottom through your beard, adding more where needed. Style as desired. 

Ingredients: Blended using Beeswax, Coconut oils, Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Kukui oil, Vitamin E oil and hints of wild orange this is the balm that will keep the strays at bay and ensure your looking sharp from dawn till dusk.