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About Bloke Barbers

Bloke was born in 2014, on the bottom floor of the historical 1879 Commerce Building. First used by the Otago Daily Times, before they grew too big, and eventually moved across the road to a larger facility.

Bloke is a blend of traditional Barbershop values and modern cutting techniques, in a man cave type setting, designed to make men & lads feel comfortable. Not a women’s magazine in sight or the slightest whiff of that eggy stuff that they put in ladies hair.

Owner / Master Barber

Master Barber! Like Yoda but without the big ears and wrinkles.
30+ years experience.
The master of all barbering techniques and harder to get into than a supermodel at a 1st 15 party.
Trainer extraordinaire and champion boss.


Owner / Keri's Bitch

The boss & chairman of the friendly greeting club. Spends nearly as much time eating the stOOp food as he does baking it.


Master Barber

Name one Sri Lankan who doesn’t like cricket? – Dhammika
Conscientious, perfect cuts and beard trims every time. The man is a pro.
If you want one person in the world to wash your hair, it is Dhammika. Trust me.


Master Barber

Xzava is a kiwi bought up and trained in Scotland. Barbering is in his blood with both of his parents in the trade.
A star at short or long cuts, beards and shaves. Xzava's crisp fades however are a sight to behold.



Rewi brings enthusiasm and a passion for quality cuts to work with him every day.
Immaculate fades and great chat about bugger all are his specialty.
Has been cutting hair for over 6 years which is before he could grow a mo (actually he still can’t).



Riki joined the bloke team last year after graduating top of his class at the local barbering academy.
Already a master of "the Classic Cut", Riki's passion for barbering and desire to learn make him a future star.
Old people like Keri call him, "a bloody good kid"but he is old enough to go to the pub, vote and be tried as an adult.



With years of industry experience, Shaz is the ultimate professional. If you need a tidy up or complete restyle, you won’t be disappointed if you book in with her.